Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs says it will no longer fund Arctic oil drilling, despite the president’s ambitions. But is it doing enough on climate change?
And how a fearless British reporter helped uncover it.
There are fears the banking giant could pull staff out of London.
The CEO of Goldman Sachs has called for a second referendum on Brexit, claiming “many wish for a confirming vote on a decision
He's been singing the praises of Germany's banking centre.
Read more on The Huffington Post The post is only the 20th tweet Blankfein has sent since he joined Twitter in 2011.  The
The economic adviser appears to have fallen out of favor with Trump since criticizing the president’s Charlottesville responses.
David Cameron's Government has claimed it has no information on how much EU migrants cost - or benefit - the UK. Treasury
A fire has broken out on London’s Fleet Street. Images tweeted by the Fire Brigade showed smoke billowing from a fire above