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Regulators start to pump the brakes on Big Tech's advertising dystopia.
This is what happens when tech giants argue.
In a relatively short space of time, the digital assistant market has boomed. Six years ago Apple’s Siri went global with
Google has unveiled a brand-new smart speaker, the Google Home Mini. This is essentially a smaller, cheaper version of Google
Apple aren't the only ones to suffer from a leak.
Apple aren’t the only tech giant to suffer from leaky smartphone launches. Images claiming to show the brand-new Pixel 2
Sixty-four percent of total respondents surveyed preferred a female voice for automated voice systems. This figure rises to 71% when we look at male respondents. People want to hear the voices they can truly connect, and regions and dialects is key in achieving this.
Most of the adverts show happy people making cakes, or getting directions or finding out fun facts. Some show smart speakers capable of controlling lights or music. Sounds great right? Well, is it really easier to say, "Alexa turn off the light" than, just, turning off the light? I think not.