Health and Social Care

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) said it is aware of the issue and “urgently working” to resolve it.
We need a long-term action plan for mental health support, just as much as a plan for the economic recovery, Luciana Berger writes.
Coronavirus has left low-paid staff choosing between caring for their clients or keeping them safe from infection.
'“No realistic prospect of progress” to integrate the health and social care sectors.
Deliberative forms of democracy are certainly coming into fashion. From the Irish Citizens’ Assembly that led to the historic
Almost a quarter think they received worse care because they're 'out'.
Reforms should also be made to make personal social care free, a new report says.
Health and Social Care Secretary raises prospect of higher taxes to fund system.
At a point where the Care sector is desperate for innovative solutions to challenges of low pay, an approach which makes employees owners in their business, and which drives their engagement, is one which more providers should examine closely.
With this approach, my hope is that we can eventually create a world without intervention at the point of crisis, where good mental wellbeing is woven into the fabric of our society and where we all lead healthier, happier lives as a result.