Herpes and other STIs don’t mean your dating life is over.
"Standing by helpless is a memory which will haunt us forever.”
'There is this unexpected infection in the neurons in the colon wall after herpes infection.'
Scientists have found a surprising link between constipation and herpes in a new study involving mice. Researchers from Yale
'An STI, especially herpes, is not a reflection of your character.'
Ella Dawson wants you to know that she has genital herpes. The reason? Dawson is on a mission to end the stigma that surrounds
UPDATE: This campaign has since been pulled after facing a public backlash for "stigmatising" people with infections and
Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world, but scientists may have discovered an unusual treatment: the
Cancer is the health risk we usually associate with tanning salons. But an expert has now warned sunbeds may harbour bacteria