hillsborough disaster

The former Sheffield Wednesday officer is accused of health and safety offences relating to the 1989 disaster.
Seven men and seven women selected for jury told to ‘disregard anything they may have heard or read’ about the Hillsborough disaster
The charges relate to the tragedy at the Hillsborough stadium 1989, in which 95 people died.
His lawyers had asked for the prosecution to be halted.
The inquiry has heard the number infected could go ‘far beyond 25,000’.
The Hillsborough disaster claimed the lives of 96 Liverpool fans on 15 April 1989. The first coroner's inquest was strongly rejected by the victim's families. After decades of campaigning, an independent review was formed in 2009. The legal battles sparked by that inquiry continue to play out in court.
Sir Norman Bettison was a chief inspector at the time of the tragedy.
The move will pile pressure on Sports Minister Tracey Crouch to follow suit.