How To Get Off

We know they feel good - but what exactly do they do to our brains? We asked sex therapist and neuroscientist Dr Nan Wise, author of Why Good Sex Matters, to explain exactly what happens when we orgasm, from how our brain registers pleasure to the health benefits behind the Big O.
Bodies in textbooks and on screens never looked like me. So it took years for me to gain confidence in myself as a sexual entity, writes Dan Batten.
Before this hand held wand massager came into my life, I never thought that I could be my own favourite sexual partner.
Want your ideal sex scenario whispered into your ears? Audio erotica sites like Quinn and Dipsea deliver. But who's making it, who's listening – and why?
From Ann Summers and Love Honey to Bondara and Nasty Gal, treat yourself discreetly online.
From ditching the pill to falling in love with a woman, readers share their personal journeys towards intense, rewarding, brain-boggling pleasure.
With a little help from Love Honey, Lelo, Ann Summers and more.
I used to think I wasn’t ‘the sort of woman’ who had threesomes. But after, I saw myself, my relationship and other women in a happier, stronger way, writes Abby Moss.
From the first time I attended a secret gathering, I instantly fell in love with the lifestyle, writes Sarah Jane.
"We’ve all dated white men who makes assumptions about you – they presume you love Bollywood dancing."