Karen Hobbs shares five things she’s discovered about self-pleasure since having gynaecological surgery. Listen and subscribe to Chronic with HuffPost UK's Lucy Pasha-Robinson.
Charity calls for vaccine to be given to all boys aged 13-24.
On 22 March 2009, TV personality Jade Goody died from cervical cancer. Before she died, she was a vocal campaigner for smear tests and encouraged thousands of women to go to screenings. But a decade later, the number of women going to screenings is at a 20-year-low and two women are still dying from the disease every day.
The tests have already boosted uptake in the Netherlands.
Smoking and oral sex increase the risk of this type of HPV, which can lead to throat cancer.
Together this will ensure that knowledge and evidence can inform all future interventions
We have the medical evidence to prove that the HPV vaccine works and is also cost-effective
I thought I'd get the all clear – I'd had the HPV vaccine after all – instead I was told I had cervical cancer
Donald Trump has apparently also taken to referring to himself in the third person, like the Incredible Hulk.