The Chancellor must find the equivalent of a penny on income tax, National Insurance and VAT.
If we want a health system that meets our expectations and delivers the quality of service that we are accustomed to, we will have to pay for it
The outlook for the government’s finances is extremely challenging over the next decade. A failure to eliminate the deficit by the mid-2020s would not be a surprise
So the next few years are likely to be tough ones for living standards, with benefit cuts making things tougher still for poorer households - especially those with children. And regions and nations where poor households are more dependent upon benefits for their income are likely to bear the brunt of the increase in child poverty.
Maternity units in England operate at 100% capacity much of the time. When capacity is breached, units may occasionally have to close temporarily to new admissions, causing stress to women in labour and undermining their choice over where to have their babies. New work by IFS unpicks some of the causes of closures.
'Worries about earnings have started to spill over...'
So income inequality has fallen across the country recently, having fallen furthest in London, and income gaps between regions - while substantial - are responsible for only a small portion of inequality in the UK There are good reasons to expect some of this to change.