No arrests have been made but police are not currently looking for anyone else in connection with the incident.
A 40-year-old man was also found injured and taken to hospital, the Metropolitan Police said.
Jermaine Wright, 28, faces three firearm-related charges and two over assaulting a police officer.
Emergency crews say she may need medical help.
A man has been arrested after a pensioner and a woman were stabbed to death in a residential care home, police have said
Blanket criminalisation clearly isn't working. It doesn't address the core problem, and sometimes perpetuates it; prostitutes are convicted, criminalised, have less of a route out than before, and thus return to the sex industry. A subterranean economy is created, which is demeaning at best and dangerous at worst. So, if the current system is failing then where do we go from here? This is the question I've tried to answer through my work at the EU. There are two alternatives for the UK. The first is the well-publicised Dutch model, which legalises both being a sex worker and using one.
Police grabbed sleeping bags and food parcels in raids on homeless people in East London, it has been reported. The Ilford
The 2012 Olympics have helped lift a London suburb not normally associated with tourism into Europe's fastest-growing destination