Does your bladder feel like it's going to burst as you reach your destination? Read this.
"Even walks around the block at work during lunchtime could result in wet pants and a moist desk chair ... It was humiliating."
One in five women who give birth vaginally will experience the issue, a new study suggests. And stigma means too many are suffering in silence.
“Faeces was just running down my leg from my shorts until I made it up to the bathroom," says one mum, who suffered accidents after the birth of her son.
1 in 3 women experience incontinence and "adult nappy rash" isn't helping, as we learn in our latest podcast.
The giant balloon was created to end stigma around incontinence – now campaigners want organisers to #LetFannyFly.
It turns out that 7 million women in the UK suffer from a weakened pelvic floor after having children. In other words, we pee our pants.
Some women report being been unable to walk, work or have sex due to complications from surgery.