Former prime minister said government made "mistake" of focusing on influenza rather than respiratory illnesses.
Over the last five years, flu has killed an average of 11,000 people in England each year.
Flu season is just getting started, and misinformation about influenza and the coronavirus is already swirling.
Here's how the coronavirus pandemic measures we're taking stack up against influenza.
A new study reveals the order Covid-19 symptoms are likely to occur – and how they might set the illness apart from flu.
Here's how effective those masks really are, and why the seasonal flu vaccine won't stop Covid-19.
Experts break down what’s really happening once the virus gets into your system.
Schools will need to reschedule vaccination sessions planned for mid-November.
People might be surprised to hear that when I was 14 I was diagnosed with asthma. My doctor was keen to stress that it shouldn't stop me doing anything I wanted to do - I just had to learn to manage it, know my triggers and take precautions.
As well as the cold weather, winter brings with it a whole host of childhood viral illnesses. So it's important for parents to be mindful of what's out there, how to deal with them and when to seek help.
If we have learnt anything from the deaths of millions of people from diseases like AIDS, SARS, pandemic flu, Ebola, and Zika it is the need for scientists to share data quickly so that researchers can assess the dangers and develop new medicines and vaccines.
For the lucky people reading this who've never had the flu, traditional wisdom states that the difference between a cold and flu is that when you have the flu, you wouldn't get out of bed even if it were raining £50 notes. It's easy to catch, it's easy to pass on, and it can survive on lift buttons, door handles and chip and pin machines for a whole day, just waiting for its next victim.
The UK has a world class education system and a world class National Health Service, but both of these are being undermined when policy makers continue to pollute minds with the idea that unfounded treatments, which fly in the face of scientific evidence, can find a space in our NHS.
If you're feeling snotty, achey and downright miserable, chances are high that you have the flu. Up until now, the only treatment
We're sorry to use the A-word, but that chill down your neck and the should-I-shouldn't-I decisions around central heating
While some attention has been given to the African practice of hunting and eating fruit bats, a likely animal reservoir of the Ebola virus, the link between eating meat and the plethora of infectious disease outbreaks is seldom articulated.
A US-based scientist has confirmed that his team have successfully created a deadly version of the H1N1 virus which is able
Scientists in America have brought back to life the deadly influenza virus which caused the Spanish Flu pandemic, killing
If you've been suffering from something that's not quite the flu and it's more severe than a cold, you may have fallen into
We don't know about you, but when we have the flu, we wear 10 layers of clothing (one must be a fluffy dressing gown), are