Is this the best value for money smartphone? With a four-inch screen, a five megapixel camera and access to Android’s ever
Imagine a website of just breasts. Nothing more. It’s not hard, the internet is flooded with them. But imagine one that’s
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It's no secret that one of Rihanna's favourite pastimes is sharing pics of her new hair, teaser shots from upcoming music
This week saw the surprise $1bn acquisition of hipsterlicious photo-sharing app Instagram by Facebook, making overnight multimillionaires of its 13 employees. Facebook is no stranger to picking up small businesses here and there, largely for talent acquisition, but this is clearly bigger than hoovering up a few more skilled coders.
You might have heard by now that Facebook has acquired Instagram for nearly a billion dollars in cash and stock. Incredible do not need to intervene in any of the sniping that's taking place. I'm sure that given the acquisition, Facebook will been even less inclined to get involved. They have said that will remain independent, let's see how that plays out.
Instagram, the photo-sharing app that has had iPhone users evangelising about the worthiness of their device over Android users since 2010, finally launched on the Google mobile platform on Tuesday but I must admit I'm struggling to see what all the fuss is about.
You've heard iPhone snappers blather on about it, now Instagram is live on Android. According to Techcrunch, Instagram has
Chacho Puebla's grandma is not the kind to warn you about going out in a clean pair of underpants or holding doors open for