Intensive care medicine

Former healthcare worker Ian Jones is intensive care after being bitten by the snake in north west India.
Exclusive: Campaigners say ministers have done nothing to stop a repeat of the first wave, which saw Black and Asian people disproportionately hit.
Boris Johnson remains in intensive care with Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab standing in for him. Despite the massive population in China and coronavirus originating there, crowds flocked to popular sites over their holiday weekend when lockdown measures were lifted. Irish prime minister Leo Varadkar is putting pause on politics and returning to his former job as a general practitioner and Japan will declare a state of emergency in parts of the country after a spike in infections.
Labour leadership hustings scheduled for Sunday postponed as Keir Starmer’s mother-in-law in critical condition in intensive care following an accident.
The six-year-old boy is in a "full armour" of splints, an update from the family said.
Two men arrested as newborn baby delivered at scene after its mother was stabbed to death is critically ill in hospital.