International Criminal Court

The consequences of such attacks would be devastating, journalist Ahmed Twaij writes.
Almost a year since the government acknowledged what “looks like ethnic cleansing”, here's what needs to happen
The time for symbolic condemnation is over. The ICC must take action, and the international community must act concretely – Amnesty International director.
Justice Minister Michael Masutha to submit government's plans to withdraw from the Rome Statute to Parliament.
In pursuit of their endless grip on power, dictators -– not only African -– employ brutal methods to deal with opposition.
It is imperative that South Africa remains as a member of the ICC and continues to advocate for meaningful structural changes within the ICC.
“It appears that the government of South Africa has accepted its obligations to cooperate with the court under its domestic legal framework.”
The International Criminal Court seems unable to prosecute anyone except minor African rebels and overthrown African heads of state.
Less than a week after public submissions for ICC withdrawal bill closes, minister seems to change his mind