The prime minister is facing growing pressure to reduce the isolation period for people who test positive.
With the UK under strict lockdown measures and schools closed, we talk to psychotherapist and counsellor Lucy Fuller about the effect on children’s mental health. What are some red flags that suggest a child may not be coping, and how can parents and caregivers help?
As the UK goes into lockdown to help stop the spread of coronavirus, social care workers are continuing to risk their health by going out each day to support the isolated and vulnerable. Two care workers tell us what drives them to keep working to help those who need it most during the outbreak.
For me, loneliness was enough to make me quit my job and start No Isolation. I had no idea how big the issue really was, and I am still learning. If others are inspired to learn too, then perhaps we will find the answers we so desperately need.
This past month, loneliness has been a key theme in news - in particular, the detrimental impact that social isolation can
A woman in her early forties drank her coffee at a small table, fidgeted, twiddled her hair compulsively, and looked noticeably agitated. Every now and then she would press a single button on her phone so that the screen would light up and tell her something, or nothing.
As the new school year begins, I can't help but think about the students that won't be rushing through the front gates, excited
Working so closely with deaf children means I know full well that loneliness is a big issue to tackle. It knocks deaf children's confidence before they even start school, affects attainment throughout their education, and causes untold pain that persists later on in life.
Life sometimes has a way of taking over and getting in the way of all your plans, those friendships you thought would last a lifetime sometimes fall by the wayside, especially when a friend's life dramatically becomes overwhelmed with the arrival of children.