Jake Gyllenhaal

The Nightcrawler actor dated Taylor Swift for around three months back in 2010.
"He was very, very, very sweet to me, and it was actually a really lovely exchange."
Heartfelt, painful and angry lyrics are almost certainly about her brief relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal.
The two stars got up close and personal when they played lovers in 2002’s The Good Girl.
The actor answers a terrifying phone call and things only get worse from there in the new Netflix thriller.
The WAP rapper was as frank as ever when sharing her thoughts on the bizarre trend.
Several stars have made some bold claims about not bathing lately... but we're happy to report The Rock is not one of them.
The Nightcrawler star joins a growing list of celebrities who are less-than-enthused about daily bathing, including Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher.