james cleverly

The foreign office minister hit out after Keir Starmer accused Boris Johnson of going from "dictator to dictator" in search of oil.
James Cleverly claimed that Evgeny Lebedev does not vote in the House of Lords – just like many of his colleagues.
“Make of that what you will,” Burley concluded after James Cleverly dropped off air.
Because nothing says chill out like three exclamation marks.
Around 15,000 people had been evacuated – but Labour says there are around 5,000 still eligible to come to Britain.
But minister says public should ask their GP for proof if its needed to travel abroad.
The Conservative said he was doing another interview and "cannot be in two studios at the same time".
'I’ve been a campaigner for 30 years. I have been doing this for a very long time.'
He warned that the anger would not subside until Brexit is resolved.