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EU trade tariffs mean Germany makes more from African coffee than Africa does.
At the start of the month I returned to Sierra Leone after more than two decades away. As the country of my mother's birth, I spent a lot of time there as a child and my memories centred around the people, their energy and enthusiasm. The civil war and Ebola have undeniably taken their toll on these things in my absence, it certainly hasn't destroyed them.
Should David Cameron be forced to quit if Britain votes to leave the European Union? Not according to Tory backbencher James
One key star who fans will be clambering to see is the legendary Kurt Angle. On a tour of the UK to promote TNA's tour and to do his own speaking tour with Triple M Promotions, Kurt proved to us that the three 'I's' which he used to invoke - intensity, integrity, intelligence - were not just a storyline gimmick but rather a true reflection of this incredible man's character.