james cleverly

And he still doesn't know when the first migrants will be deported to the east African country.
“It is both morally wrong and unconservative to say that only the wealthiest can fall in love, marry someone and then bring them to the UK.”
Plan labelled "cruel" by critics – but former home secretary says the government can "go further".
Home secretary was outlining the new migration crackdown – which comes after failing to meet its own targets.
Foreign workers will need to earn at least £38,700 before they get a visa.
Angry exchanges in parliament as home secretary denies he talked down Alex Cunningham's Stockton constituency.
The home secretary did apologise for calling the Labour MP for Stockton "shit".
Home secretary James Cleverly had said it would be ready "in days".
Ben Houchen said the home secretary had dragged the town's name "through the mud".