James Nesbitt

Marcus Thurwell played a key role in series six of the BBC drama – even if we didn't get to actually meet him.
"I've seen those eyebrows before," one viewer said after spotting a resemblance between a Spanish police officer and James Nesbitt.
And it included a whopping great lie told to the press earlier this year.
James Nesbitt leads the cast of the four-part BBC series, executive produced by Jed Mercurio.
‘Cold Feet’ fans have been given a taste of what to expect from the new series with the first set of spoilers.  The classic
Currently, for every one female role, there are almost three male roles.
James Nesbitt used an appearance at Sunday (14 May) night’s TV Bafta Awards to take a stand against inequality in the acting
The stars are currently filming Series 2 in Manchester.