james whale

There is only a week of the series left.
Lewis Bloor and James Whale have become the latest stars to be evicted from ‚ÄėCelebrity Big Brother‚Äô, following the first
Five contestants face the axe, ahead of the first double elimination of the series.
Things aren‚Äôt looking good for ‚ÄėCelebrity Big Brother‚Äô housemates Lewis Bloor and James Whale, named the bookies‚Äô two names
James Whale is not popular with his housemates.
Five ‚ÄėCelebrity Big Brother‚Äô housemates are facing eviction this week, following the latest round of face-to-face nominations
As if tensions weren‚Äôt already running high in the ‚ÄėCelebrity Big Brother‚Äô house, producers‚Äô decision to reveal everyone‚Äôs