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The 2015 ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ stars are currently getting ready to strut their stuff on the dancefloor, but who’s being
Anita Rani Meanwhile, when Anita was asked who to look out for, she complimented Peter’s “snake hips”, as well as Georgia
Jeremy Vine has shared his excitement ahead of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, shortly after confirming that he’ll be getting his
My brother got the talent. The only thing I was ever really good at was the high jump. But I truly, madly, deeply want to learn to dance. Desperately! Because I feel that would be a way of getting profoundly into the music, of letting it hold me. And also because every time I move my body, people start calling ambulances.
Jeremy Vine has been confirmed as the very first celebrity contestant for this year’s series of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. MORE
Radio 2 host Jeremy Vine has been accused of tarnishing the reputation of the BBC for speaking at a £246-per-head dinner
BBC Radio 2 presenter Jeremy Vine was pulled over for breaking the speed limit on Thursday - on his bicycle. The police officer
The suffering in Gaza continues unabated. The strip is blockaded from land, sea and air and bombed from land, sea and air. The death toll has climbed past 550, including at least 100 Palestinian children. Yet, still, silver-tongued Israeli officials continue to take to the airwaves to defend the indefensible.
Politicians and public figures have blasted Metro newspaper for its front page headline saying Peaches Geldof, who died suddenly
Jeremy Vine is to stand in for Andrew Marr on this weekend's edition of The Andrew Marr Show as the broadcaster continues
It might be my age (my next birthday's got a zero in it) but lately something strange has been stirring my waters. I can't stop wondering... is it just me, or has Beckham gone a tattoo too far?
Conservative MP David Davies told a Welsh caller to "go and join the BNP" in the midst of a furious debate on Wales when
St Paul's Cathedral was wrong to shut its doors as protesters camped out on its steps, the shadow foreign secretary Douglas
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Sir Jimmy Young is to return to the Radio 2 airwaves to celebrate his 90th birthday. The presenting