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Anne Diamond was forced to apologise after the incident last month.
"Isn’t it amazing how sometimes people can let you down? There’s always one..."
He also said it's time 'move on' and 'not dwell on the past', when asked about the incident.
The show was at the centre of yet more controversy over the weekend.
Minister apologises after Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman led backlash.
Whether it'll be changed to 'The Vine Stuff' remains to be seen.
So determined are we to bring others round to our way of thinking that we often ignore the personal upheaval required to make that change happen
The five things you need to know about politics today.
It follows John Humphrys' controversial off-air comments about pay.
‘Crimewatch’ has been axed after 33 years on air, the BBC has confirmed. The crime-solving show has been pulled despite a
'It’s not about being the best, it’s about doing your best.'
In our WISE WORDS interview series, we ask a range of stars from all walks of the entertainment industry the same 12 questions
Other stars earning more than £150k have also responded to the revelations.
Meanwhile BBC Radio 4 Today’s Justin Webb who earned at least £150,000, Tweeted this. His Today programme colleagues John