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Award entries must seek to redress structural imbalances by demanding a representative spread of applicants, PressPad founder Olivia Crellin writes.
The presenter has insisted that indirectly offering "a shedload of ganja" to Scotland's oldest bagpipes-player was purely accidental.
Presenter highlights "600% pay gap" as row over unequal fees goes to court.
The move came in the wake of the scandal following Carrie Gracie’s resignation as China editor.
But the corporation's annual report reveals the change is mostly down to several men taking pay cuts, rather than women being paid more.
The five things you need to know about politics today
It's not big or clever, but a live TV fall is always funny.
It had been claimed he was taking The GC to court over her claim he'd "sold stories" on her to the press.
Anne Diamond was forced to apologise after the incident last month.
"Isn’t it amazing how sometimes people can let you down? There’s always one..."
He also said it's time 'move on' and 'not dwell on the past', when asked about the incident.
The show was at the centre of yet more controversy over the weekend.
Minister apologises after Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman led backlash.
Whether it'll be changed to 'The Vine Stuff' remains to be seen.
So determined are we to bring others round to our way of thinking that we often ignore the personal upheaval required to make that change happen