Starmer’s silence on the skirmish speaks volumes.
At the height of the tensions, a Jersey boat was rammed by a French trawler.
France had warned it could cut off electricity to the island.
He was arrested after an incident outside a Jersey nightclub.
The five things you need to know about politics today.
I was going to write a 'great places to go this summer' feature, but I'm a parent, I know the reality. There's actually a whole year spreading out before us, full of half term breaks, the occasional non-pupil day, a vast summer vacation and plenty of sneaky bank holidays.
Jersey, I was soon to discover, had a lot more going for it than I could ever have expected. From the moment myself and my friend Amanda stepped on the plane at Dublin airport, we knew this trip was going to be different.
Five teenagers from Jersey have been arrested on suspicion of murdering 16-year-old schoolboy Morgan Huelin. In Jersey's
The Labour leader's statement over the weekend on the record of Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories on tax transparency sadly seems to bear all the hallmarks of electioneering, and is designed to put pressure on the Cameron administration. This is a shame as it is an important subject.