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Whilst our start was cordially disharmonious, perhaps me and Jeremy Corbyn can take this journey together. Me a new MP, him a new leader. Perhaps we will become less human, more Westminster suited and booted. I doubt either of us will go there willingly or quietly. But we will get closer to it everyday, because when you say what you actually, think and believe, it really hurts when it's dismissed, angrily dissected and ridiculed.
In response to the probably unnecessary furore about a statement Jeremy didn't actually say, his official campaign Twitter said this, "Jeremy has opened a debate on street harassment that is otherwise ignored." Well thank you so much Mr Corbyn. I must have imagined the stellar work by the @everydaysexism team for the past however many years. Or the local Hollaback campaigns in both London and Birmingham. I must have dreamed the Labour Women's Safety Commission meetings organised by Yvette Cooper. A lovely dream were I went to lots of local and national consultations with all of the founders of those campaigns and many other women's groups.
I'm sorry if people think that I'm not supporting Corbyn because I am a Tory. I've worked til my fingers bled helping people who needed it. I'm sorry if I don't see the same radical change in Jeremy Corbyn others do. If Jeremy Corbyn wins I will support him completely. I will work with him. I'll do whatever I can to help Labour win in Yardley, in Somerset, in Portsmouth and Glasgow. Because I might not have supported his candidacy but, as I have said, I'm an optimistic pragmatist.
The portrayal of transgender people in the media and the access to gender reassignment treatment on the NHS will be investigated
All the teachers my kids have had have given more than 1% extra. My eldest son's teacher has calmly held my son's hand at lunchtime as he struggled to find his place in the jungle of relationships. She has shown him love when he was scared and helped our family get to grips with some of his difficulties. My kids' teachers have fought for them as I would have.
Jess Phillips The 2015 General Election saw 176 MPs elected to the Commons for the very first time. In a series of exclusive
We seem to be harking back to a time when we thought teenage girls had babies to get council flats. Unlike me, the Chancellor has obviously never pushed out a 10lb 10oz baby and endured 15 odd stitches. Let me tell you it would take a lot more than an extra £25 quid a week to make me do that again. I think I'd turn down a Euromillions windfall in fact!
Most young people go to university, have interest free loans, or stay living with their parents well in to their twenties. I'll wager this is the case for 99% of the people sitting braying in the chamber at Westminster.