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Debate to mark International Women's Day takes place in "shadow of the menace of male violence against women", says Harriet Harman.
The former Blue Peter presenter has since claimed her post was "never directed at people clinically ill who need our support".
Jess Phillips criticised the PM for doing "nothing" to help women and BAME people who have also been hit hard by coronavirus.
Labour's Jess Phillips said it was "shocking" he has not had the whip removed.
Labour shadow minister tells HuffPost UK Priti Patel is "missing in action" and has failed to build a strategic plan for victims.
The government seems unable to give a straight answer on a range of questions as problems with PPE persist and no sign of an exit strategy being presented to the public. Is no one able to make decisions during Boris Johnson’s absence? As the country continues to strive through the lockdown, worries about the economy are being joined by the affects it is having one the public, particularly for school children and women with abusive partners. Shadow minister for domestic violence Jess Phillips joins Arj Singh, Paul Waugh and Rachel Wearmouth to discuss what needs to be done to limit the effects of the pandemic lockdown.
Andrew Sabisky said brain-boosting drugs "probably worth a dead kid" and called for "universal contraception" to stop "permanent underclass".
Former leadership candidate praises "deeply impressive" Wigan MP.
Wigan MP ensures at least three contenders are now likely on ballot paper.
The race to replace Jeremy Corbyn is now between Keir Starmer, Rebecca Long-Bailey, Lisa Nandy and Emily Thornberry.