Jo Swinson

Party leader will also use personal speech to say Lib Dems must be the voice of the UK’s nine million carers.
Former cabinet minister defeats Layla Moran to become fifth Lib Dem leader in as many years.
Exclusive: Think-tank also warns leadership candidates there is "no such thing" as safe seat for the party.
MP for Oxford West and Abingdon MP says party's policy of revoking Article 50 was a "mistake".
It will not be as quiet as you may think, what with the Labour leadership contest, the London mayoral election, and a little something called leaving the EU.
The SNP is on the rise once again in Scotland and nationalist parties in Northern Ireland outnumber unionists for the first time in history. The PM faces calls to act.
Boris Johnson won big. Jeremy Corbyn will resign. Jo Swinson lost her seat. These are the key takeaways.
Scotland's first minister labelled “unacceptably ungracious” for her celebration over this particular election result.
The general election has seen acrimonious campaigns where lies, subterfuge and misinformation have been the main tools of the parties as they fought for votes to deliver their version of Brexit and tackle the rising poverty and strain on services seen across the country.