Julia Roberts

Featuring the best films from rom-com titans like Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts, Will Smith and Drew Barrymore.
From Forrest Gump and Pretty Woman to Titanic and The Matrix, these movies could have been very different indeed.
The pair went on to date in real life after Julia played Susie in The One After The Superbowl.
It seems the former king of rom-coms isn't a fan of a "happily ever after" ending.
Nicole Kidman said she "really wanted" the part in a 1999 film that became a classic of its genre.
Julia Roberts gives the best performance of her career, aided by a sassy Susannah Grant script full of one-liners.
Kristen Stewart showed off her red soles at Cannes seemingly as an act of rebellion against rules that require women to wear heels to screenings.
Unplugging is a hot trend among creatives. A US rapper Kanye West famously tweeted that he got rid of his smartphone to have "air to create". British musician Ed Sheeran, according to some critics, wrote his "best album ever yet" after taking a full digital detox.
Twenty years after “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” the question is: Are romantic comedies a thing anymore?
ASOS have teamed up with British brand Hunza G to recreate one of the most famous film dresses of all time.  The design called
Disclaimer: I'm dealing particularly with the sexual exploitation of black women. If you are a founding member of either
Kristen Stewart has been flaunting her flat shoes at this year's Cannes Film Festival - and we love her for it. Last year
You’d think Gwen Stefani joining James Corden on his daily commute to the CBS studios in LA would be starry enough, but the
Julia Roberts has taken to Instagram to share a stunning makeup free selfie and some powerful words of wisdom about the beauty
Amanda Holden has claimed that she didn't send her daughter to school dressed as Julia Roberts' prostitute character from