Kevin McCarthy

Photographic evidence reveals that all U.S. presidents, lawmakers and even a 58-year-old former GOP House speaker use notes in meetings.
Liz Cheney's new book contains a stunning detail about McCarthy's widely panned trip to Florida.
Republicans need to “learn how to count” votes to elect a leader, said the veteran House Democratic speaker.
The former president allowed himself to be nominated for the position. But he only received one vote, from Representative Matt Gaetz.
McCarthy’s decision to accept Trump-backed candidates in House elections shrunk his margin for survival as speaker.
There's one glaring issue standing in the way of the far-right plot to install Trump as next House speaker.
Spoiler: his speakership did not outlive Liz Truss's lettuce.
After Representative Matt Gaetz announced he planned to file a “ motion to vacate the chair,” McCarthy tweeted out three words: “Bring it on.”
The House adopted a resolution by Representative Matt Gaetz to vacate the speakership, leaving the chamber leaderless.
The former House speaker's actions spoke just a little louder than her words.