When you think back to your own childhood, hopefully you remember it as a magical time, a time free of responsibilities and
The love-hate relationship we all know so well
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The booby traps of being a parent we bet you've tripped into too
Before kids you were in blissful ignorance of children's TV. Now you could win Mastermind on the collected works of SpongeBob
Sometimes life, not to mention 'truthful' kids, foil our best parenting intentions (and bite us in the bum). Recognise these
'CBBC allows us those precious few minutes to make a cuppa'
Thousands of parents have voiced their anger over the government's decision to use some of the licence fee to fund children's
So how do you take on such an iconic and recognisable show and make it into a great new series for a new generation of viewers? Hopefully by learning from the huge success of the original show but also listening carefully to the needs of those new viewers.
We've all sat and reminisced over those TV shows that we were glued to as kids. But while some spring to mind easily, others
Kids' TV today isn't what it used to be - it's all CGI and 3D. Back in my day, the most exciting plot twist involved a character opening their lunch box only to realise that their mum had packed them TWO Wagon Wheels, instead of one.