Ukip donor Arron Banks has questioned the credibility of the official 'Leave' campaign designation process after a supporter
Businessman set out his plan to run the party in a private email to treasurer
Businessman Arron Banks made an audacious bid to take over the running of Ukip in the wake of last year’s General Election
A prominent group campaigning for Britain to leave the European Union employs EU migrants to staff its call centre in Bristol
Ukip activists have been told not to display anything bearing the party’s logo while campaigning in the EU referendum, the
The bizarre campaign poster in full Confused why campaigners chose the Boris brick picture? You're not alone. Many commentators
When leave campaigners stand up and complain about Article 50, ask yourselves why they have changed their tune. It is because they do not want the very real risk of Britain leaving Europe to be the focus of the debate.
The date is set and the arguments have begun. On June 23rd the people of the United Kingdom will get the chance to vote over
Next time you speak to someone well briefed by Leave.EU, Grassroots Out or that other 'leave' campaign make sure to ask them