The former sports presenter is raising awareness of the symptom, which he didn't recognise as a sign of blood cancer before his wife's death.
A mystery donor has helped them reach their target with a £100,000 donation.
At no point during my leukaemia treatment did I feel let down
'As long as Charlie is fighting his battle I feel as though getting back on the bike is the least I can do.'
The knowledge that we are helping children like Hugo who will be diagnosed in the future is thanks enough. We are giving something back. Hugo is helping to make a difference. I hope he understands. I hope he is proud. I know I am.
I didn't know it was possible to have chemo and not be sick or lose your hair. The intensive chemo regimen made Andrew's hair fall out and made him throw up every day for nine months. However, for two and a half years after this the maintenance chemotherapy just kept things at bay whilst he looked every inch the 'normal' little boy with a mop of crazy hair.
September is 'Blood Cancer Awareness Month'. This year, Bloodwise are shining a spotlight on the need to reduce long term side effects from childhood blood cancers and the only way to do this is to invest in lifesaving research.
In the UK, 11 children a day are diagnosed with cancer. In July 2015 one of those 11 was my youngest son, Hugo. What started as a refusal to bear weight on one of his legs resulted, five weeks later, in a diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. He was two years old.
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