lisa nandy

"What she's done in the last 24 hours is nothing to do with the interests of Scotland," Nandy said.
“The only job that I am going after right now is Michael Gove’s," the shadow levelling up secretary said.
RMT accuses transport secretary of "inflaming tensions" over walkout set for next week.
"If you can’t trust the prime minister to make sure the rules he made were followed, what can you trust him to do?”
The shadow communities secretary said ordinary voters were more interested in how the party would deal with the cost of living crisis.
Labour's Lisa Nandy said the government had given 'more to fraudsters than they've given to the north'.
“He’s said people around him and in his inner circle who broke the rules must go  – and yet he seems to believe those rules don’t apply to himself."
Gavin Williamson may have been kicked out of government but he's not been forgotten.
Asked by reporters on Thursday whether he would quit, the foreign secretary said: “No".
PM "withholding information" over lavish Downing Street revamp and his "arrogance" at heart of issue, says shadow foreign secretary.