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Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has blocked Tory plans to allow nursery staff and childminders to look after more youngsters
What many of us who work with young children fear is that this model may lead us to children as young as two being rushed on to tasks they are not developmentally ready for, such as colours, numbers and reading. We need to remember what's at the heart of this issue - and that's the well-being and happiness of our children.
The curriculum should be encouraging creativity in its students, offering them choice over how to approach problems and giving them as much autonomy as possible in their approach.
The Legal aid Bill gave the coalition government the most defeats of any bill in parliament for the last sixty years. In the end government only won by one vote in the house of Lords. A vote they would not have had if Lord Newton was still around to vote.
With childcare costs continuing to rise more quickly than wages, parents are having an increasingly difficult time balancing household budgets. The OECD has highlighted that British parents pay some of the highest childcare costs in the world; parents are spending huge proportions of their salaries on childcare costs.
Being a parent is hard. In fact, let's just be honest about it, it's really hard sometimes. We often don't admit it, except to our closest friends and family, but it's probably the most challenging part of our lives. A recent survey by the NSPCC reported that in the first eight weeks after birth around three in five mothers felt isolated with no one to turn to, and two in five mothers even admitted to 'getting angry' with their baby. And this is before they've even started walking and talking!
Having children with a French wife, I have experienced the childcare provided in France, and am happy to see the proposal bring us closer in line with other European countries. It's not about reinventing the wheel but learning from those who are already there, and making it work for us.
As someone who is responsible for running four nurseries - between them registered to look after over 290 children under the age of four - I can honestly say that plans to increase the amount of children that staff can look after gives me great concern.
Students have lost all confidence in Ofqual following the row over GCSE English exam grades, a Labour MP has claimed. Nic
Jo Swinson Swinson currently serves as parliamentary aide to Nick Clegg and is seen as a rapidly rising star among Lib Dems