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'It is symbolic of their attitude towards local government.'
The Social Mobility Commission (SMC) recently released a new report examining 20 years of government efforts to tackle social
Despite the fact that 78% of council employees are women and they are also the majority of services users, just 33% of councillors are women, statistics that have barely shifted in decades. But in addition to that we found that one in three women councillors have experienced sexism from council colleagues, one in 10 have been sexually harassed. 46% of women vs 35% of men had experienced harassment or abuse from the electorate.
With the new uncharted political landscape, there is an opportunity to reshape the conversation on children, young people and parents, putting their concerns and the barriers they face back onto the agenda. It demands a fairer future for them. It is each and every politician's responsibility to make that happen now and to work hard for the many children and young people in this country.
So how should local government respond to these challenges? Cyber security and data privacy are board level issues and require careful strategy and governance to get right. Local authorities need to build cyber resilience into their organisations and the right tone from the top will set the agenda throughout the organisation.
When the Government publishes its plans in adult social care later this year, it is vital it addresses the needs not just of those being cared for, but also of those who willingly but selflessly care for others. Just as they care for their nearest and dearest, we have a duty to care for them.
Most of us worry about what is going on with our public services. Operations are cancelled, there are bigger school classes, social care is in crisis, bin collections are less frequent and there are shorter opening hours for services.
My shop is in a small shopping arcade. It's difficult to find because the address has a street name but there's no street sign. Instead there's a signpost at the entrance directing people to a Police Station which is no longer there.
The five things you need to know on Tuesday, January 31… 1) GIVE ME YOUR HUDDLED MESSES Theresa May will be keen to shift
As soon as you start picking at the details, the entire policy begins to unravel. It quickly became the billy-no-mates of housing policy. Councils hate the government riding roughshod over any idea of localism by forcing them to provide Starter Homes instead of other types of more affordable housing. The mortgage lenders don't like it, because they don't know the true value of the assets they're being asked to lend on.