local government

Less trade will lead to reduced income from business rates, which could have a knock-on effect on the provision of essential services, a PwC report warns.
Exclusive: Improvement scheme at standstill two years after fatal disaster, while local authorities also fear not getting compensation.
The funding system for English councils has been called 'unsustainable'.
Councils are staring at a £51.8billion funding black hole over the next six years. This can no longer be ignored.
Council leaders are calling for clarity and emergency funding from the government, a new report has warned.
Emergency responders describe the pressure of racing trying to save a life, as knife crime surges across the country.
Mass job cuts at councils have gone largely unnoticed by the public over the last decade.
From refuges to street lights, the impact of austerity hits women harder, researchers found.
As austerity bites hard, women, who earn less, own less and do more unpaid care, are disproportionately impacted – especially BAME women and those with disabilities