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The Labour Party launched the 'Borrisstoppers' advert in the Evening Standard on Tuesday evening, designed to highlight Boris
Have Apple been in the development lab again, coming up with a time travel device (which we’re currently calling the iDeLorean
Arguably the most high-profile election of 2012 will be the London Mayoral vote. Will it be a captivating clash of the titans
Our entente with the French is still cordiale, but they badly need someone to shout at, writes Boris Johnson.
It's cheaper to buy a round-the-world plane ticket or a two week holiday than an annual travel card in London, according
The problem with politics at the moment is people saying we can't do things. We can't hold down student fees, we can't hold down VAT, we can't keep EMA. I don't agree. More than ever we need to do things that help people ease the burden on their household expenditure and reduce the squeeze the great majority are feeling. I have been spending a day in every London borough as part of my Tell Ken tour. Across the city, what I hear most about is transport issues - and the spiralling cost of fares.
What do you get when you mix over 1,000 feminists with London mayoral candidates? Two men fighting for the limelight, and
Labour's London mayoral candidate has pledged to cut bus, train and Tube fares in the capital by 5% if he wins the election
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Labour's London mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone has been condemned for comparing his battle to regain