London Olympics

For young Brazilian boxer Roberto Custodio, reaching next year's London Olympics will not just be the pinnacle of his career so far, but a remarkable victory over adversity in itself.
Hackney is rebuilding. The heart-stopping wall-to-wall coverage may have ceased. And the foreign journalists that beat a path to the borough have gone home. But life in Hackney has continued. The response from the people of Hackney has been an inspiration - streets have been cleared, damage is being repaired, and our communities have pulled together. People are beginning to feel safe again. It was heartbreaking to be out on the streets of Hackney as areas like the Pembury estate in Hackney became engulfed in flames, with years of incremental progress burning grotesquely for an international audience.
Today sees the glittering opening of Europe's largest shopping centre at the Olympic "city" in recycled Stratford, East London
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- A quango has been criticised for advertising for a member of staff to co-ordinate the passage of the
If you learned that double-Olympic and World Champion swimmer Rebecca Adlington, 22, had two older sisters who liked to swim
An 18-year-old Olympic ambassador who was arrested for taking part in the London riots has been remanded in custody. Chelsea
Many people instinctively believe that if 'everyone around them' is committing crime and disorder that it gives them carte blanche to join in and grab as many material goods as they can lay their hands on.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- The Olympic Stadium will get the hi-tech fabric wrap that was ditched in the Government spending cuts
A football team representing Great Britain will be participating at the 2012 London Olympics; that much we know. What remains
The Olympic Truce is a Resolution of the United Nations General Assembly which requires all signatories to "pursue initiatives for peace and reconciliation in the spirit of the ancient Games for the period seven days before the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games until seven days after the end of the Paralympic Games'. London represents a unique opportunity for the Olympic Games to rediscover their true purpose in the modern era and to hand on a legacy which is not measured merely in medals won, records broken or land reclaimed but in lives saved and peace restored. That is a surely a legacy worth 'not fighting' for.