She’s one of only a handful of artists lucky enough to be able to say they’ve make history by recording a ‘James Bond’ theme
Expect laughs, drama and, above all, NAMES NAMES NAMES, darling.
What promises to be one of the biggest British cinema smashes of 2016 is creeping up on us, with the UK release of ‘Absolutely
Lulu performs at the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? To write
We are surrounded by more distractions than ever today. Social networks offer endless opportunities to publish short thoughts without the effort involved in crafting the 200-pages of content you might need for a book.
The one event that was not shifted about like a wrestler's jock strap was the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games, featuring a collection of countries that Britain holds so little sway over that it seemed like a meeting of human rights refuseniks.
Kylie Minogue LaCaze, who competed in the steeplechase earlier this week, was celebrating her 25th birthday and just couldn't
There'll be a boom bang a bang around Hampden Park and the attendants will be spinning around when Lulu and Kylie Minogue
Born on this day, 24 January 1941, Neil Diamond, singer-songwriter. There's something very nice and warm about Neil Diamond - he's like an old friend, a comfy pair of slippers, he's your favourite uncle. You see, I'm saying all this and I've never even met the guy. But reading about him confirms my thoughts.