The bright spot in the distance was photographed days before the rover detected a possible sign of life on the Red Planet.
The agency is trying to raise money so they can send astronauts to the Moon in 2024.
Humankind has been dreaming of the stars since legends began, and the mystery of space exploration has cemented itself in popular culture. From the pioneering astronauts in the 1950s to our first glimpse of a black hole this year, we continue to make discoveries that were once the stuff of science fiction.
After no sign of life from the robotic explorer since June 2018, NASA has called it a day on Opportunity's Martian mission. Intended to last only three months, the Mars Opportunity Rover provided data on the red planet for almost 15 years.
The Mars InSight Lander has successfully landed on the red planet after surviving the volatile final moments of descent. The spacecraft will spend two years on Mars collecting data and samples for scientists to better understand our planetary neighbour.
The company said it was "unacceptable" for its adverts to appear alongside videos linked to violent crime.
A lake under a polar ice cap has been discovered at Mars’ south pole. Water is the breeding ground for life, so life forms are a possibility.
It isn't proof of life, at least not yet.
The discovery brings us tantalisingly close to answering if there was ever life on Mars.