Matthew McConaughey

It's often been reported that Matthew turned down Leonardo DiCaprio's role, but he's insisted that's "not factual".
The Oscar-winning actor says the right has been fed fake news and shouldn't be expected to accept President-elect Joe Biden's victory.
The actor shared how he and Camila Alves McConaughey parent their three children.
"How much do I love that guy? I know, a lot," Garner said of her frequent co-star.
The Oscar winner's interview on Australia's The Project took an awkward turn when asked “how he felt” about US president Donald Trump.
“It was tough for eight years, but we went through it, and we’re on the other side of it," the Oscar-winning actor said.
"Nobody or nothing could kill him. Except mum," the Oscar winner wrote in his new memoir.
The Oscar-winning actor will join the University of Texas at Austin this autumn as a film professor.
The new film, ‘Serenity’, from British writer-director Steven Knight is shrouded in mystery. Starring Matthew McConaughey as a fisherman and Anne Hathaway playing the woman who wants to pay him to kill her husband.