May Day

34-year-old Laura Smallwood collapsed with a neck injury on Wednesday.
Demonstrators in Paris clashed with riot police, while in Istanbul over 80 protesters were arrested. In Manila, activists burned a large effigy of President Rodrigo Duterte. Originally celebrated in the UK as a recognition of changing seasons, May Day has come to be linked with International Workers’ Day and global, large-scale protests for workers' rights.
It's more than just maypoles and lie-ins.
“Stimela” reminds everyone that South Africa’s wealth and infrastructure was built on the back of labour from all over Africa.
As we approached the scene, I could see it was serious, with crowds of people gathering around. When we reached her, I went into auto-pilot. She was the same age as me - and it hit home that these were life or death situations for real people that I would be involved in.
Alliance leaders are scrambling to find a way forward after Cosatu members' outright rejection of President Jacob Zuma at May Day rallies.
The May Day rally was all set, but incessant singing by anti-Zuma workers led to his speech being cancelled.
"It's time that artists get permanent contracts with benefits."