Hassan Akhtar, a former mosque chairman, was sentenced to eight years in prison at Reading Crown Court.
Two teenagers have been arrested after the incident in Stratford on Sunday morning.
People of all sexual orientations are mixing substances and sex.
Twenty-seventeen is poised to be a challenging year for drug policy reform. Extrajudicial killings have surpassed 7,000 in
Researchers tested drug concentrations in sewage.
London is the cocaine capital of Europe  - but only during the week, new research suggests. When use of the Class A substance
Sadiq Khan recently revealed that more than half of London's clubs have closed in the past eight years. This steep decline of licensed venues, due to forced closures, could cause more harm than good by encouraging clubbers to attend unlicensed venues, including illegal raves. These unregulated environments lack the appropriate security, and health and safety measures to manage potential drug misuse.