Mental disorder

The way we talk about mental health is constantly changing, with people with mental health problems leading the way on how best to discuss the topic. The way we describe mental health problems can have a big impact on stigma, so it’s important to think about the implications of language.
Decisions like this say that religious faith is more important than civil rights and equal treatment
That cup of tea you offer, that open ear, the gentle text or hug could make the world of difference
In this time of growing interest and awareness of mental health issues, this is a problem that is getting worse, not better
The opportunities I missed out on because I ran away rather than ask for help were building up and life really was starting to pass me by
Prince William announces a new campaign to help people deal with mental health issues in the workplace. As a result of research by the Heads Together campaign and the charity, Mind, the project offers a website full of resources that people can call upon to help them and their colleagues.
It was only after some further probing from me that he took a deep breath, before uttering the words: 'I’m suffering from postnatal depression'