Mental disorder

We've always known sexism is bad for women's mental health – now we can prove it, Young Women's Trust CEO Sophie Walker writes.
Global cannabis prescriptions and CBD wellness products are on the rise, but there's "little evidence" they help mental illnesses, say researchers.
Mental health is something that we’re talking about more and more. But in these conversations, we can often hear terms used interchangeably, such as mental health and mental illness. It can be hard to get the language right. So what does the term mental health actually mean? How does it differ from a mental health issue? And when does it become a mental illness?
Ceara Thacker's father told an inquest into her death that the University of Liverpool did not inform the family of her previous overdose.
As drug deaths reach record levels, we must remember drugs like heroin offer brief but exceptionally powerful relief from mental health problems, addiction expert Adrian Riley writes.
A benefits claimant with mental health problems has won his argument in the first case of its kind in Supreme Court.
Poverty was defined as having less than 60% of average household income.
Neil Abbott was handed a 280-hour community service order.
With hardly any research, reasons for the mental health crisis in midlife remain unknown.