mental health awareness

'South Africa's sick state of mental health is failing far too many, and we have had enough.'
'Physical health has improved and drastically improved our life expectancy. However, mental health has not improved.'
Survey reveals six in ten would be worried about public backlash.
With each year that goes by I become more convinced, that if things really are to change, so much more is needed than conversations
Over the last 10 years holes in the ‘net’ of public services, which previously caught and supported the most vulnerable, have widened until the net is now more holes than substance
This is a story about the feelings I had while reading Dodie's Secret for the Mad. But it's also about how blogging, and writing about your mental health can help you process.
November always makes me feel like a failure. Not only am I incapable of, and not terribly well disposed towards, growing a moustache to make it a charitable #Movember, but then #NANOWRIMO pokes up its clever, superior little head and makes me feel bad about my attempts to write as well.
I think the only way to ensure that campaigns are delivered responsibly and effectively is to start legacy planning at the inception of such projects. This means looking at the call to action, making sure that we've thought through how to meet the needs of those responding to what we're kicking up.
It's not even just his voice that made me love him. It was the meaning behind every single word. The songs where you knew he was hurting and he was struggling. For always being so open and honest about his battles with depression, with suicidal thoughts, child abuse and drug misuse.