Chris Cuomo is returning to cable news after getting the boot from CNN. But you’ll have to click deep into the channel guide if you want to watch him.
“What was so shocking was the casting director and director were there and no one said anything because he is such a huge star."
Maria Miller said NDAs have been "weaponised" to uphold a "culture of abuse".
South Korean politicians are looking to criminalise such behaviour.
The story of Reese Witherspoon's Elle Woods nailed a lot about careers but totally failed on a few key points.
Journalist E. Jean Carroll's attorneys argue that's both "wrong and dangerous."
Four years ago, the "Access Hollywood" tape threatened Donald Trump's political career. Then he won anyway.
“Black folks are having a moment where they say, I have my stories, too.”
The Melisandre actor reveals that she became "very aware of the male gaze" after the rise of the Me Too movement.
Weinstein’s lawyer will likely try to use these messages to discredit the accusers. But contacting an abuser is common survivor behaviour.