The infamous Trump baby balloon has made its way stateside and popped up in a San Diego park. Protesters surrounding the balloon called out the president for sending over 5000 troops to the US Mexico Border, to meet a large group of migrants on their way.
A tank of alcohol exploded at the factory in Mexico City at 4pm local time, with 2000 people evacuated and only one injured.
In mid-October 2018, a large group of migrants, mostly from Central America, started walking towards the US border. Fleeing poverty and gang violence, some tried to cross legally and were offered asylum in Mexico. Others were given a 45-day visitor pass. Frustrated with the delays, some decided to push forward illegally into Mexico.
The animals appeared to be caught in a net.
Homeland Security say they have seen an increase in subterranean smuggling routes.
The city of Tultepec in Mexico is famous for being the centre of fireworks production for the country. Fireworks are used widely throughout the year, popular for Independence Day celebrations as well as parties and religious festivals. However the city is now also infamous for the deaths and injuries that stem from the industry. Already this year, 40 people have died in firework-related incidents.
All 101 people on board an Aeromexico plane that crashed and caught fire shortly after takeoff in Mexico survived.
Mexican airline confirms 'accident' in Durango.
When Hirving Lozano scored for Mexico against World Cup champions Germany the country went wild with jubilation. So much so that it may have caused the earth to move...