Michael Gove

A member of Rishi Sunak's top team insisted Johnson "puts the country first".
The Tory MP was grilled over his previous cocaine use after he announced a ban on laughing gas.
Matt Hancock and Kwasi Kwarteng told an undercover Led By Donkeys journalist they would work for £10,000 a day.
The levelling up secretary said we needed to "think radically" about restoring an "ethic of responsibility".
He even gives a very definite nod to convey his point in the 2019 interview.
“I would never criticise nurses for something like that," the levelling up secretary said.
The idea was derided as a “red meat” policy designed to shore up the former prime minister's leadership.
Other nations are pointing out the UK's previous call to "consign coal to history".
The speaker told the levelling up secretary: "This is not the way we do good government."
About Michael Gove
According to his website: "Michael was first elected as Member of Parliament for Surrey Heath in May 2005. He served as Shadow Minister for Housing & Planning and Shadow Secretary of State for Children, Schools & Families. Following the 2010 General Election, he was appointed as Secretary of State for Education. "A journalist by profession, he has used his position as a writer for The Times and a broadcaster on the BBC to fight for greater personal freedom, a tougher line on crime, a more dynamic economy, a cleaner environment, stronger defence and a better deal for hard-pressed families. His most recent book, Celsius 7/7, was released in 2006 to much critical acclaim."