Michael Gove

Ed Davey launches New Year bid to "get rid of as many Conservative MPs as possible".
A furious war of words has broken out between the bra tycoon and ministers.
The secretary of state also apologised for government mistakes during the pandemic.
The levelling up secretary was targeted by protesters during Saturday's demonstration.
Labour has accused the levelling up secretary of hatching a "grubby deal" with Conservative MPs.
"I understand what you're doing, but deflection doesn't work here," the Sky News presenter said.
The environmental charity, which has 1.2 million members, is not known for attacks on the government.
Tory minister says waterways are "cleaner than they have been in the past” as pollution rules are ripped up to boost housing.
Levelling up secretary Michael Gove is set to announce plans to make it easier to build houses near rivers, according to reports.
About Michael Gove
According to his website: "Michael was first elected as Member of Parliament for Surrey Heath in May 2005. He served as Shadow Minister for Housing & Planning and Shadow Secretary of State for Children, Schools & Families. Following the 2010 General Election, he was appointed as Secretary of State for Education. "A journalist by profession, he has used his position as a writer for The Times and a broadcaster on the BBC to fight for greater personal freedom, a tougher line on crime, a more dynamic economy, a cleaner environment, stronger defence and a better deal for hard-pressed families. His most recent book, Celsius 7/7, was released in 2006 to much critical acclaim."